Here are a few links to some snazzy LDS websites. We wanted these websites to be the best LDS resources for members, so we limited this list to non-commercial websites. If you know of a website you think should be on this list, send it our way for review, and if we think it’s snazzy enough, we’ll post it. Thanks!

Finch Family Games – LDS books, cd’s, downloads, clip art, games and activities for families and children. The source for our logo image! Thanks, Karen!

LDS Toolbar – Listen to music and get directly to many other LDS resources directly from your internet browser.

Prepare a talk – The official resource for getting ready for a sacrament meeting talk.

Food Storage Calculator – A snazzy little tool for figuring out how much wheat a family of 6 needs to to last for 1 year. – The official LDS resource for finding your great, great, great, great grandpa. – An awesome resource for Visiting Teaching lesson ideas.