LDS Clipart: Jesus Christ

Our Savior has done so much for each and everyone one of us. Help your family and students learn of Him through these wonderful clipart images.

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Tags: Jesus Christ, Manger, Star of Bethleham, Three Kings, Christus, Children, Blessing, Teaching, Shepherd, Second Coming, 2nd Coming, Premortal, Atonement, Garden of Gethsemane, Mary, Last Supper, Baptism, John the Baptist, Healing, Sick, Beloved Son, Creation, Creator, Crucified, Temple, Tomb, Resurrected, Sacrament, Baby, Appearance, Boy, Birth, Cricifixion, Fiery Furnace, Fishers of Men, Risen, His Hands, Isaiah Prophesy, Trial, Pilate, Miracle, Lazareth, Love, Star, Priesthood, Sermon, Walk on Water, Apostles, Wisemen, Washing Apostles Feet